Library Rules

Service Hours:-

Library opening hours: 09.00 AM to 03.00 PM

Issuing/ Returning hours: 11.00 AM to 01.00 PM

  1. Silence and order must at all times be maintained in and around the library.
  2. Students are expected to maintain a decent and civilized behaviour and mannerism.
  3. Library staff may ask any students, who in their opinion has voilated the rules, to leave the library premises. Repeated incident of such behaviour may attract punitive action.
  4. Always carry a library card while using the library and must be produced whenever asked for.
  5. Library card is the property of the college and must be returned at the time of leaving the college.
  6. Not more than two books to UG students and three books to PG students will be issued at a time for 14 days. After that Rs. 1/- per day per book will be charged.
  7. No material from the library should be taken out without proper issuing.
  8. If a book is lost, the student will have to pay the fu I cost + special fine which will be decided by the librarian after consultation with the Principal.
  9. Nothing should be written by a student on the books of library by pen, pencil etc.
  10. No one will bring his or her belongings i.e. bag, lunch box etc. inside the library.
  11. This library is yours. So ensure safety & maintenance of the college property, fitting, furniture etc.


  1. In Context of subject Combination, unless there is strength of 20 students the college administration will not bound to start the classes and students might have to charge respective subjects as well
  2. It is compulsory for all students might have to charge respective subjects as well
  3. It is mandatory for all to attached  the photo copy of voter I.D. card otherwise filling of the from is compulsory
  4. Helmet and driving license is compulsory for all otherwise entry in the college is prohibited.
  5. First time Re-admission charge are Rs. 300/-, second time will be charged 500/- and 3rd time name will be permanently cut off.